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miercuri, 21 aprilie 2010

Leonese,Daryll and SweetBaby new release

YAY! another release :D ... One color from each has a reduced price, and buy one get one free for next 72 hours until Saturday :)

Leonese : this is like a very sexy outfit with animal print in 6 colors. 2 types of top, pants, flexi skirt, 2 types of sculpt skirt, pumps

Daryll : Silks ^^ coz I love dancing in silks...umm like belly dancing :p... top,pants, silks, prim attachment to bra, prim top... 7 colors . The silks are NOT scripted, but if I have enough requests I'll make them with script too to be used by RP and slaves... and so on. Alto are modify and you can drop your fav script in ^^

SweetBaby ^^ this is perfect for spring, makes you feel young and full of energy..at least that is what happens to me when I wear it LOL...7 colors : top, pants, underskirt, babydoll skirt, flat shoes with HUD to change color of border and sculpt flowers

Hugss Ani

miercuri, 14 aprilie 2010

Booots and shoooooes LOL

I've made some new boots this week and today time to release them ...11 colors... and don't forget buy one and get one free for next 72 hours...until Saturday midnight....psst one color have a reduce price
Oh and put in the box a version for viewer 2.. and you get one pair with base same color as the boots and one pair with base and heel black ... so you will find 4 pairs in your box ;)

And shoes .. HUD to change skin tone, nails color, flower color, resize , but made them modify too in case is more easy for you to match your skin tone . Buy one get one free for next 72 hours and one color at a low price. 8 colors ;)

To get your free color make a new notecard, write your name, color you want,  transaction ID Prefix and Detail and after you save it drop it into my suggestion box or send it to Amaranth Hak

And winners for Shoes No Name contest :

Akira Voorhees - Delilah
Desiree Loxely - Fleur
Konejita Ruby - Iris

Girls please send Amaranth Hak an IM with the color you want to receive from the Delilah shoes and the other 3 Exclusive colors will be send to you today ;)

And Boots naming contest winners :

Crimson Dagger
lysette Flux
WynterLight Madenwald

 Will receive each a color of Nancy of their choise + I'll be sending them a Exclusive color of the boots... girls please send IM to Amaranth Hak witht he color you want ;)

Hugss you all Ani

sâmbătă, 10 aprilie 2010


I've made some new ankle boots ... 3 pairs in a box : - simple, with color changeable parts and in a daring snake skin color
Some pictures below ^^

Demo as usual free at the shop :)