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miercuri, 21 aprilie 2010

Leonese,Daryll and SweetBaby new release

YAY! another release :D ... One color from each has a reduced price, and buy one get one free for next 72 hours until Saturday :)

Leonese : this is like a very sexy outfit with animal print in 6 colors. 2 types of top, pants, flexi skirt, 2 types of sculpt skirt, pumps

Daryll : Silks ^^ coz I love dancing in silks...umm like belly dancing :p... top,pants, silks, prim attachment to bra, prim top... 7 colors . The silks are NOT scripted, but if I have enough requests I'll make them with script too to be used by RP and slaves... and so on. Alto are modify and you can drop your fav script in ^^

SweetBaby ^^ this is perfect for spring, makes you feel young and full of energy..at least that is what happens to me when I wear it LOL...7 colors : top, pants, underskirt, babydoll skirt, flat shoes with HUD to change color of border and sculpt flowers

Hugss Ani

miercuri, 14 aprilie 2010

Booots and shoooooes LOL

I've made some new boots this week and today time to release them ...11 colors... and don't forget buy one and get one free for next 72 hours...until Saturday midnight....psst one color have a reduce price
Oh and put in the box a version for viewer 2.. and you get one pair with base same color as the boots and one pair with base and heel black ... so you will find 4 pairs in your box ;)

And shoes .. HUD to change skin tone, nails color, flower color, resize , but made them modify too in case is more easy for you to match your skin tone . Buy one get one free for next 72 hours and one color at a low price. 8 colors ;)

To get your free color make a new notecard, write your name, color you want,  transaction ID Prefix and Detail and after you save it drop it into my suggestion box or send it to Amaranth Hak

And winners for Shoes No Name contest :

Akira Voorhees - Delilah
Desiree Loxely - Fleur
Konejita Ruby - Iris

Girls please send Amaranth Hak an IM with the color you want to receive from the Delilah shoes and the other 3 Exclusive colors will be send to you today ;)

And Boots naming contest winners :

Crimson Dagger
lysette Flux
WynterLight Madenwald

 Will receive each a color of Nancy of their choise + I'll be sending them a Exclusive color of the boots... girls please send IM to Amaranth Hak witht he color you want ;)

Hugss you all Ani

sâmbătă, 10 aprilie 2010


I've made some new ankle boots ... 3 pairs in a box : - simple, with color changeable parts and in a daring snake skin color
Some pictures below ^^

Demo as usual free at the shop :)

luni, 22 martie 2010

Aniri's boutique @ Magia

I have a little booth at Magia sim... and gonna have 10 eggs fill with goodies over there between Apr 1st - Apr 5th . The eggs will be set for sale for 1L but the items inside are from my shop, normally would cost you over 500L to have them lol ...but like this you can have them for only 10L all :)
Going to remind you about those when I'll have my eggs there with the bunny

And a little early lol just to be sure i won't forget - PS 48 hours offer to buy one get one free

Going to have some new releases this week sculpted nails and some ankle boots ^^

Soooo let's start with the nails :))

I've made Lorelai ... simple and french... the tip is little bit roundish... I think are 7 colors ^^ ... demo and mega pack will be available at the shop
And I will put one color's price down and one with group discount ... not sure what colors yet ^^ will be random anyway hehe

And made Wendy nails .. at request of Wendy, she wanted some nails wirh square tips so I made the nails and name them after her ^^

Also in simple and french :D

And going to put one color price down and group discount as well to another color ... demo and mega pack will be available too

AND the ankel boots... i must confess i'm wearing them since I've made them lol :))
Made them in simple and snake skin colors too, come with HUD to change the skin tone, nails color and buckle color

And again one color price reduced and one group discount + for 48 hours you get buy one get one free

Umm little bit late...sowy :(

Iasmin shoes... with HUD for changing skin tone, nails and flowers color :)

As usual you get a pair with sole and heel same color as the shoes and one with sole and heel in black

Got more colors :)) so if you like them grab a demo and see if you like. I think are perfect for spring ;)

Sueno de primavera aka Sueno aka dream of spring :))
Coming with HUD to change skin tone and nails color, demo at the shop ;) oh and these ones have option to hide the flowers...going to put picture for that too and you can find more details in the demo box ;)

and the hide picture thingy :))

As you can see the big flowers poofs :)) you can chose which one to hide and which one to let

joi, 4 martie 2010


I LOOOve the name ^^

Ayleen come in 6 colors : blue, black, red, pink, purple, white
with : top, 3 pants length, 2 skirts length, short flexi skirt, fishtails flexi skirt, babydoll dress, long flexi skirt, pumps
Red has a special price ;)
And for the next 48 hours buy one and get one free  Just drop me a NC into my suggestion box with transaction ID Prefix and Detail ( you will find those on the website . account, transaction history ) , the color you want and your name. If you buy 2 colors you get 2 free ;)

Here are some pictures :




duminică, 28 februarie 2010

Yay! March aka Spring is around the corner and come with new gifts

Was about time to put some new gifts into the boards so... fresh new gifts for :

Midnight mania Board -Target is 40 people...come and give it a click to the board and if target is reached by midnight you get your prize


Mob Vendor or riot vendor as you prefer - price starts at 50L and goes down to only 10L if 5 people are around the board for few minutes

Lucky Boards...wait for your name or number .. or get lucky with wild cards



7 Seas Fishing - one boot for Rare and Boot for UltraRare and you got yourself some ankle boots


Limited Edition - for almost 11 days starting today you can get these 5 pairs for only 40L, when time is up ankle boots gone for ever


Guess and win - are you lucky? then flip the  panels until you get a match and win some ankle boots



And how about some profile picks reward huh? Do you have the shop into your profile picks? Then come every day until you get all the prizes 


Almost done lol .. oh most Important LOL . march gift ....Boots and fingernails :)


And once we hit 700 people on the subscribers list you can get your hands on the above outfit too ...and we are 4 people away ;)
Ok...pretty much thats about all for now ... Amore Hunt will be over at midnight and on 3rd March Nature's Hunt will begin .. and I've put my gifts out..but PLEASE remember hunt didn't started yet so if you chose to go hunting you may not find the rest of the gifts

Hugsss Ani

miercuri, 24 februarie 2010

Amoreeee!!! Amore shoes are out in 10 shinny colors

So was time to release them.. made them in 10 colors, put scripts in to work with HUD and voila!!!

And I have a color .. cyan... that has group discount ... and that means you wear (AB) VIP Group tag, you pay 75 and get back 30L.. with other words shoes will cost you 45L OMG! I know I know lol

Oh and for the next 48 hours you buy one color and get one free if you drop a note card into my suggestion box with this information : transaction ID Prefix and Detail, your name and the other color you want to get ( or colors if you bought more then one, for each color you buy you get one free ). To get the ID Prefix and Details go to your account on the SL website, transaction history and copy it from there.

You can change the skin tone, nails and hearts color, resize.... using the HUD, and shoes come in 2 pairs...one with base and heel same color as the shoes and one with them in black . Here are some pictures and you can always try a demo in the shop ;)

Hugsss you all Ani



joi, 18 februarie 2010

A quick preview - Nature's Hunt

So i am in the Nature's Hunt ^^ that will start next month 3rd March

I have done some cute Pjs for girls and boys ^^ .. with slippers

And I had like for ages the tree house in my inventory and didn't knew what to do with it...and I said will be perfect for a Nature theme hunt.. Is made mostly from sculpties and you have control of the windows and door

I had the idea of making some shoes with butterfly for long time , and yet again this was the perfect occasion :). The shoe color is special for this hunt.. The butterfly wings are texture changing.. 8 textures .. body of the butterfly and nails are color changeable...and of course come with resize script too... It's a mix of HUD control and menu control. And later I will release the shoes..maybe add some more or different textures for the wings...we'll see. If you like them I will leave them like that

Any way I hope you will like my gifts ... as I said hunt will start March 3rd, but probably I will put my gift a little early just for you ^^

Hugsss Ani

miercuri, 17 februarie 2010


I just adore this outfit it's sexy but not revealing and looks great when you are dancing ;)
I have made it in 6 colors : purple, red, green, blue, black and white
Top, pants, flexi skirt ( lace is color changeable from white to black ) , gloves and jacket with wrinkles and 3 types of bows, but you can wear without the jacket layer as well
And until Feb 18 midnight when you buy one color you can get a second color of your choice for free : log in to your SL account on the web page  > transaction history>  copy the  ID Prefix and Detail of the purchase and paste it into a new note card, write your name and the color you want to receive and drop it into my suggestion box at the shop


Babydoll shoes

These are my first shoes with HUD, as you know my ''old'' shoes were with menu
I Think are very cute shoes and goes with cute dresses or lingerie  ;) 
The bows are color changeable ( using the HUD )
And the nail are color changeable as well
I have included in the bag one pair with the heel and base black ( picture above ) and one pair with heel and base the same color as the shoes ( picture below )
I have released them in 11 colors : red, black, white, blood red, green, yellow, blue, cyan, hot pink, soft purple,magneta
And for the next 48 hours ... until 18 midnight a special color will be included in each bag And you can pick another color for free if you go to your account on the SL page and then transaction history and copy the transaction ID Prefix and Detail and the paste it into a new note card along with your name and the other color you want to receive.
In other words for the next 48 hours buy one and get a total of 4 pairs ( if you count the heel and base in black and shoe color )

And today... the blog is born

Ahem ... Heya girls ^^ I am happy to announce that today my blog was born lol :))
I'll be using it to announce different things about my shop like new releases, sales, hunts, special offers and so on, and you can always find details about everything related to my shop and to me :D

Not sure what to say :)

Well hope you will find it useful

All right for now

Hugsss you all ^·^