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miercuri, 21 aprilie 2010

Leonese,Daryll and SweetBaby new release

YAY! another release :D ... One color from each has a reduced price, and buy one get one free for next 72 hours until Saturday :)

Leonese : this is like a very sexy outfit with animal print in 6 colors. 2 types of top, pants, flexi skirt, 2 types of sculpt skirt, pumps

Daryll : Silks ^^ coz I love dancing in silks...umm like belly dancing :p... top,pants, silks, prim attachment to bra, prim top... 7 colors . The silks are NOT scripted, but if I have enough requests I'll make them with script too to be used by RP and slaves... and so on. Alto are modify and you can drop your fav script in ^^

SweetBaby ^^ this is perfect for spring, makes you feel young and full of energy..at least that is what happens to me when I wear it LOL...7 colors : top, pants, underskirt, babydoll skirt, flat shoes with HUD to change color of border and sculpt flowers

Hugss Ani

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