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miercuri, 14 octombrie 2015

A new release ...from a new country ^^

I have been so busy with moving and trying to put things in order ... A new release was way overdue .

 And a gift too ... read there somewhere between the lines ^^

Also everything is 50% off for the next 10 days ONLY from the bargain boards ( at the entrance )

I shall start with some over knee mesh booth ( I forgot to mention that it's rigged mesh in the add ) Works with normal avatars, although with a little editing my shape works nice with my Belleza mesh body ( I was wearing my Belleza mesh body when I took the pic for the add ) Of course you can try the demo for free ^^

Because Halloween is coming I have made a sexy leopard kitty outfit ( tails and ears included ) Works on normal avatars and has appliers for Lolas Tango and Belleza mesh body ( shoes aren't included but can be purchased in the shop  on the left Ana ( for normal avatars ) and the right Zoetta for slink high feet and Belleza mesh body..and everything else that works with slink high feet )  )

 The pink one is a gift for a limited time :) ..you can find it next to the stairs in the gift box

And I like this outfit quite a lot, simple but elegant. Works with normal avis appliers for Lolas Tango and Belleza mesh body included ( shoes aren't included - Lia for slink high feet and Belleza mesh body and everything else that works with slink high feet ) 

And Lia pumps (  for slink high feet and Belleza mesh body and everything else that works with slink high feet ) 

And...and .. I have updated my midnight madness board... it has all my flat footwear in .. it will change automatically daily - target is 40

miercuri, 21 aprilie 2010

Leonese,Daryll and SweetBaby new release

YAY! another release :D ... One color from each has a reduced price, and buy one get one free for next 72 hours until Saturday :)

Leonese : this is like a very sexy outfit with animal print in 6 colors. 2 types of top, pants, flexi skirt, 2 types of sculpt skirt, pumps

Daryll : Silks ^^ coz I love dancing in silks...umm like belly dancing :p... top,pants, silks, prim attachment to bra, prim top... 7 colors . The silks are NOT scripted, but if I have enough requests I'll make them with script too to be used by RP and slaves... and so on. Alto are modify and you can drop your fav script in ^^

SweetBaby ^^ this is perfect for spring, makes you feel young and full of energy..at least that is what happens to me when I wear it LOL...7 colors : top, pants, underskirt, babydoll skirt, flat shoes with HUD to change color of border and sculpt flowers

Hugss Ani

miercuri, 14 aprilie 2010

Booots and shoooooes LOL

I've made some new boots this week and today time to release them ...11 colors... and don't forget buy one and get one free for next 72 hours...until Saturday midnight....psst one color have a reduce price
Oh and put in the box a version for viewer 2.. and you get one pair with base same color as the boots and one pair with base and heel black ... so you will find 4 pairs in your box ;)

And shoes .. HUD to change skin tone, nails color, flower color, resize , but made them modify too in case is more easy for you to match your skin tone . Buy one get one free for next 72 hours and one color at a low price. 8 colors ;)

To get your free color make a new notecard, write your name, color you want,  transaction ID Prefix and Detail and after you save it drop it into my suggestion box or send it to Amaranth Hak

And winners for Shoes No Name contest :

Akira Voorhees - Delilah
Desiree Loxely - Fleur
Konejita Ruby - Iris

Girls please send Amaranth Hak an IM with the color you want to receive from the Delilah shoes and the other 3 Exclusive colors will be send to you today ;)

And Boots naming contest winners :

Crimson Dagger
lysette Flux
WynterLight Madenwald

 Will receive each a color of Nancy of their choise + I'll be sending them a Exclusive color of the boots... girls please send IM to Amaranth Hak witht he color you want ;)

Hugss you all Ani

sâmbătă, 10 aprilie 2010


I've made some new ankle boots ... 3 pairs in a box : - simple, with color changeable parts and in a daring snake skin color
Some pictures below ^^

Demo as usual free at the shop :)

luni, 22 martie 2010

Aniri's boutique @ Magia

I have a little booth at Magia sim... and gonna have 10 eggs fill with goodies over there between Apr 1st - Apr 5th . The eggs will be set for sale for 1L but the items inside are from my shop, normally would cost you over 500L to have them lol ...but like this you can have them for only 10L all :)
Going to remind you about those when I'll have my eggs there with the bunny

And a little early lol just to be sure i won't forget - PS 48 hours offer to buy one get one free

Going to have some new releases this week sculpted nails and some ankle boots ^^

Soooo let's start with the nails :))

I've made Lorelai ... simple and french... the tip is little bit roundish... I think are 7 colors ^^ ... demo and mega pack will be available at the shop
And I will put one color's price down and one with group discount ... not sure what colors yet ^^ will be random anyway hehe

And made Wendy nails .. at request of Wendy, she wanted some nails wirh square tips so I made the nails and name them after her ^^

Also in simple and french :D

And going to put one color price down and group discount as well to another color ... demo and mega pack will be available too

AND the ankel boots... i must confess i'm wearing them since I've made them lol :))
Made them in simple and snake skin colors too, come with HUD to change the skin tone, nails color and buckle color

And again one color price reduced and one group discount + for 48 hours you get buy one get one free

Umm little bit late...sowy :(

Iasmin shoes... with HUD for changing skin tone, nails and flowers color :)

As usual you get a pair with sole and heel same color as the shoes and one with sole and heel in black

Got more colors :)) so if you like them grab a demo and see if you like. I think are perfect for spring ;)

Sueno de primavera aka Sueno aka dream of spring :))
Coming with HUD to change skin tone and nails color, demo at the shop ;) oh and these ones have option to hide the flowers...going to put picture for that too and you can find more details in the demo box ;)

and the hide picture thingy :))

As you can see the big flowers poofs :)) you can chose which one to hide and which one to let