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miercuri, 17 februarie 2010

Babydoll shoes

These are my first shoes with HUD, as you know my ''old'' shoes were with menu
I Think are very cute shoes and goes with cute dresses or lingerie  ;) 
The bows are color changeable ( using the HUD )
And the nail are color changeable as well
I have included in the bag one pair with the heel and base black ( picture above ) and one pair with heel and base the same color as the shoes ( picture below )
I have released them in 11 colors : red, black, white, blood red, green, yellow, blue, cyan, hot pink, soft purple,magneta
And for the next 48 hours ... until 18 midnight a special color will be included in each bag And you can pick another color for free if you go to your account on the SL page and then transaction history and copy the transaction ID Prefix and Detail and the paste it into a new note card along with your name and the other color you want to receive.
In other words for the next 48 hours buy one and get a total of 4 pairs ( if you count the heel and base in black and shoe color )

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