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joi, 18 februarie 2010

A quick preview - Nature's Hunt

So i am in the Nature's Hunt ^^ that will start next month 3rd March

I have done some cute Pjs for girls and boys ^^ .. with slippers

And I had like for ages the tree house in my inventory and didn't knew what to do with it...and I said will be perfect for a Nature theme hunt.. Is made mostly from sculpties and you have control of the windows and door

I had the idea of making some shoes with butterfly for long time , and yet again this was the perfect occasion :). The shoe color is special for this hunt.. The butterfly wings are texture changing.. 8 textures .. body of the butterfly and nails are color changeable...and of course come with resize script too... It's a mix of HUD control and menu control. And later I will release the shoes..maybe add some more or different textures for the wings...we'll see. If you like them I will leave them like that

Any way I hope you will like my gifts ... as I said hunt will start March 3rd, but probably I will put my gift a little early just for you ^^

Hugsss Ani

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