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miercuri, 24 februarie 2010

Amoreeee!!! Amore shoes are out in 10 shinny colors

So was time to release them.. made them in 10 colors, put scripts in to work with HUD and voila!!!

And I have a color .. cyan... that has group discount ... and that means you wear (AB) VIP Group tag, you pay 75 and get back 30L.. with other words shoes will cost you 45L OMG! I know I know lol

Oh and for the next 48 hours you buy one color and get one free if you drop a note card into my suggestion box with this information : transaction ID Prefix and Detail, your name and the other color you want to get ( or colors if you bought more then one, for each color you buy you get one free ). To get the ID Prefix and Details go to your account on the SL website, transaction history and copy it from there.

You can change the skin tone, nails and hearts color, resize.... using the HUD, and shoes come in 2 pairs...one with base and heel same color as the shoes and one with them in black . Here are some pictures and you can always try a demo in the shop ;)

Hugsss you all Ani



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