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duminică, 28 februarie 2010

Yay! March aka Spring is around the corner and come with new gifts

Was about time to put some new gifts into the boards so... fresh new gifts for :

Midnight mania Board -Target is 40 people...come and give it a click to the board and if target is reached by midnight you get your prize


Mob Vendor or riot vendor as you prefer - price starts at 50L and goes down to only 10L if 5 people are around the board for few minutes

Lucky Boards...wait for your name or number .. or get lucky with wild cards



7 Seas Fishing - one boot for Rare and Boot for UltraRare and you got yourself some ankle boots


Limited Edition - for almost 11 days starting today you can get these 5 pairs for only 40L, when time is up ankle boots gone for ever


Guess and win - are you lucky? then flip the  panels until you get a match and win some ankle boots



And how about some profile picks reward huh? Do you have the shop into your profile picks? Then come every day until you get all the prizes 


Almost done lol .. oh most Important LOL . march gift ....Boots and fingernails :)


And once we hit 700 people on the subscribers list you can get your hands on the above outfit too ...and we are 4 people away ;)
Ok...pretty much thats about all for now ... Amore Hunt will be over at midnight and on 3rd March Nature's Hunt will begin .. and I've put my gifts out..but PLEASE remember hunt didn't started yet so if you chose to go hunting you may not find the rest of the gifts

Hugsss Ani

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