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luni, 22 martie 2010

Umm little bit late...sowy :(

Iasmin shoes... with HUD for changing skin tone, nails and flowers color :)

As usual you get a pair with sole and heel same color as the shoes and one with sole and heel in black

Got more colors :)) so if you like them grab a demo and see if you like. I think are perfect for spring ;)

Sueno de primavera aka Sueno aka dream of spring :))
Coming with HUD to change skin tone and nails color, demo at the shop ;) oh and these ones have option to hide the flowers...going to put picture for that too and you can find more details in the demo box ;)

and the hide picture thingy :))

As you can see the big flowers poofs :)) you can chose which one to hide and which one to let

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